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Actor / Voice / Storyteller

How it started

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The World’s a Stage

Ever since I was young, I have been telling stories through acting. Playing pretend as a child turned into a passion for entertaining as an adolescent. My first experience on a movie set was with my family working as background. I was only 6 yrs old. when I got bumped to "actor" and worked with the principal leads. That led to my interest in movies. Though I did a lot of theater as a child. I found my love for film & TV acting at age 11 attending Weatherford Acting Academy. It was under the direction, training and management of Twila Barnett that I really became an actor. I later signed with talent agent Linda McAlister at age 14, and haven't looked back at theater since. I dedicated my teen years to training and honing my craft. I did some local projects. After graduating high school I attended the New York Film Academy and earned my Associates degree in Acting for Film. Even graduated Summa Cum Laude. I love acting! There is something so unbelievably gratifying about playing different roles, while putting my own twist on each performance. Contact me, or my agent, to find out more information and how we can start working together today. Let me make your project come to life!

About: Bio
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